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Weekend Update


1. I updated the word count for The Rising. It’s setting at 32,329 at this moment in time. I should be able to add to that this weekend.

2. In playing around with Plume Creator yesterday, I noticed that I can put more than one book in the same Plume file. Using this knowledge for good and not evil, I created Plume projects for the Starstrikers Era trilogy and the Starveyors Era trilogy. Whether or not I put both of those novels in the projects is a matter of how bored I become, but the fact that I can now share character listings across three books is fantastic.

3. All three of the published Star Saga novels have been updated on Kindle, Nook and Kobo this weekend. In doing this update, I noticed that Kindle is now spell checking your book after you upload it. This is pretty cool. It saved me from about five fat fingered errors between three books. I shall update to Kindle first, from now on just to take advantage of this last minute error checking.

4. Ubuntu related. I have found that if I turn off multiple desktops, using my laptop with an external monitor is much easier and far less confusing.

5. The weather here in Boise, Idaho was just fantastic yesterday. I walked the dog around the neighborhood and even had a bike ride with my kids. Today the temps are lower and there are more clouds. I love Springtime in Idaho.

10 thoughts on “Weekend Update”

  1. Not idiot ! Happy anyway you found out this problem :-) I just hope you can get all lost emails since the address was made.
    I suggest you ensure that your mail server sends error messages to sender in case of recipient is wrong.
    FYI, I just made a test (trying to connect to port 25 on your server), with no success… Is it up now?


  2. Hi,

    Sorry, I just did a silly copy/past of my last emails with no translation. Likely not good on this site. To make it simple in English: It is possible that some emails were lost due to an email address problem (firstname/lastname in wrong order), with no error message coming back from mail system :-(

    This will surely be solved, so we can go on !!


  3. Hi all,

    I proposed to help keeping a MacOS version, without having any experience on MacOS nor QT (bad start, I know :-).

    Below are my 2 emails was my initial email (French), sent on June 11th and Jul 12th (hope the address was correct): Both where sent to



    Bonjour Cyril,

    J’ai lu sur ton site que tu ne pouvais plus compiler/packager une version OSX. Je ne connais pas du tout le dev sous OSX (je suis plutot
    Linux), mais ma femme en a un.

    Je pourrais peut-etre t’aider pour ca: Soit le faire (mais dans ce cas il me faudrait la procedure exacte, idealement
    un script que je pourrais lancer la nuit, car encore une fois, je n’ai jamais developpe sous MAC – ni sous QT, d’ailleurs), soit
    te donner un acces ssh a la machine. Voire un acces graphique, mais ca devient tout de suite complique, le support graphique
    multi-sessions/ multi-utilisateurs n’a pas l’air trivial (peut-etre meme impossible?).

    Merci pour Plume Creator, en tous cas!



    PS. Desole pour le manque d’accents, mais mon clavier Japonais ne rend pas les choses faciles.
    Bonjour Cyril,

    Il semble que ma proposition ne t’intéresse guère. Je pense toutefois que le support de MacOS serait une bonne chose, si tu veux (comme moi)
    que Plume se développe.

    Donc je réitère: Je t’offre la possibilité de créer les packages MacOS. Il me suffirait de la doc pour le faire (ou, si c’est possible de compiler en mode commande)
    de te donner un accès ssh. Le plus simple serait un crontab qui fasse le tout (quand on est fainéant, on ne se refait pas :-)

    Au plaisir de te lire,


  4. Hello Bruno,

    Plume is not dead, me neither. My work was taking all my mind these last months. Yet, I came back to develop Plume two days ago, in order to add portuguese translation. Where did you propose to port Plume to OSX ? I didn’t have any mail or warning from you ? But it’s true I forgot to check plume creator’s mail… sorry.

    When I find your message, I’ll answer to you.

    Cyril Jacquet

  5. Bruno,

    As far as I know, Cyril is still developing it. However, there have not been any updates to it in a couple of months. Being that he’s the only programmer working on it, I think sometimes he likes to give it a rest and recharge his batteries. I continue to use the latest beta release on my current WIP.

    As for Mac ports, I’m sure Cyril would love it if you were to take on that challenge. I don’t think he has a Mac to test on anymore and is focusing on Windows and Linux.

    Thanks for expressing an interest in Plume and helping out with a Mac port!

  6. Is Plume-Creator dead? Owner never answers to questions about my proposal to port to MacOS, and your posts seem also to astop about between mid-end May.

    If deay, I am sure people could be happy to help. With no answer, this could go to a fork, which is often a bad idea for open-source.

    Please advise.



  7. A little comment about item 3…be careful to double-check what they “fix” since they might not replace the misspelling with the correct word. Every spellchecker I’ve ever seen has this potential, for example replacing ‘har’ with ‘hare’ instead of ‘her’. I know you’re already familiar with this point, but it’s worth pointing out.

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