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Wise Beyond Your Field

I don’t review books formally, but sometimes I like to recommend a book to my audience. This is one of those times. Living here in Boise, I realize that my state is known for basically two things, potatoes and a blue football field. But we have some very talented and innovative thinking for a fly-over state. This book is a good example of what even small communities can achieve when they look around outside of the box.

Wise Beyond Your Field, written by Nancy Napier, a BSU professor,  expounds on the idea of reaching out to other career fields for creative ideas in how to manage your own career. There are first person stories of “The Gang” of local business leaders here in Boise, and at least one famous football coach who’s field is not so green.

I really enjoyed the stories in the book from various business leaders who have gotten together over the years to compare notes on what they know about life and business. The book is a testimony for how making odd connections can help you learn new ways to do business. There are lessons here that can be applied to everyone’s life, even creatives.

It’s a quick read and it’s priced reasonably enough to be accessible to anyone.

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