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To The Presses!


We’re working hard to get the last minute fixes in for the first two paperbacks in the Star Saga in time for my signing at Norwescon. I will have three different books for sale that weekend – Starforgers, Starstrikers and Null Pointer. The third Star Saga book just won’t get finished in time. But all three books will be available next month. I hope to also have a proof of Starveyors to show off at the convention.

I will also have some nifty little business cards that have a URL on them for a free download of the Starforgers ebook. If you see me at the convention, be sure to ask for one of these cards. They have cool back cover art on them and they point to a free ebook! You can’t get this back cover art on the ebook, only the paperback. So these cards are kind of a keep sake item for members of Norwescon.

If you’re coming to Norwescon this month I hope to see you there. I will have a limited number of paperbacks with me for my signing on Saturday, so look for me and get your copies quickly. These books sell for $9.95 retail and I will be offering them up for a fraction of that.

Now back to the virtual presses.



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