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Sublime Text – Setup

I’ve recently converted my coding text editor to Sublime Text. This post is a reference for if I have to set it up again. The editor can be used on any OS and looks particularly nice on all of them. It’s also a Python program. (This post subject to updates, as I find nifty plugins)

Get it here: Sublime Text

Reference this blog post for common plugins and general tomfoolery.

Package Control

HTML auto fill.

GIT plugin.

Code Completion plugin.

Lint plugin.

Make Sublime your default editor in Ubuntu.

Make your default Monokai theme have a dark side bar.



1 thought on “Sublime Text – Setup”

  1. I’ve been using Notepad++ and Eclipse for my programming, with a lapse of about a year. Eclipse is being particularly difficult getting set up to use the Android SDK plug-in for some reason. Enough that I’m looking at other editors as I get back into Android development. You’d mentioned Sublime Text 2 before and I admit I liked it. Going through all your links above I enjoyed not having to hunt down all that information so thanks for posting it.

    Now to the point. There’s even an Android SKD plug-in for Sublime Text 2! I’ve not yet played with it, nor do I know how well the packaging for an Android APK is going to go yet, but I’m definitely going to be playing with it.

    Thanks for doing all the hard work and posting it!

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