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Things I did over my break

Built my son a computer

I went to a local PC store and purchased parts for a new, low-cost desktop computer fo my youngest son. I then had my kids watch as I built it up. They learned about how computers are designed and I learned that new mother boards require two power connections. The end result is a shinny new Minecraft server running Ubuntu 12.10. We also set up the router to let in a few select friends for him and his brother to play with on their server.

Almost finished my GCU Sokol model

I put many hours and more money into this bad boy, and I’m within spitting distance of the finish line. You can see all the build pictures in this Google Plus photo album. I also posted a few more parts to the blog on building the model.

Played Halo 4 for about 4 minutes

Watched my kids play through Halo 4 in about 4 days.

Watched tons of College Football

Boise State won their bowl game and finished 12-2 during a rebuild year. Not too shabby. Now to wait half a year for the rematch with Washington in Seattle.

Creative recharging

And that’s about it. I didn’t write on my novel, but I did outline a few more chapters. I wrote maybe a few hundred words on a short story but didn’t finish it. The lack of writing and complete attention to modelling was intentional. Sometimes I need to recharge my batteries when it comes to writing. Last week was that.

Read APE

I read Guy Kawasaki’s book on self publishing. Overall, a good book if you are a complete newbie. But please, you don’t need a Macbook and Word and In-Design to self publish. I just launched four ebook novels last month and I don’t own any of those high priced, over rated things. In fact, all the software I used was free and I had NO ISSUES.

Ready to get back to work in 2013

Next week, I’ll be getting back into the swing of things and pressing on with completing a short story for my newsletter subscribers and jumping back into the novel. Starforgers, Book 2, The Rising is at about 12% complete at this point in time. My goal is to finish it before summer.

Oh, I’ll be a panelist again at Norwescon in Seattle this year. Hopefully I’ll have some paperbacks of my Star Series for sale. We’re working hard right now to get Starforgers, Starstrikers and Starveyors in paperback by March. Hope to see you there!

Interesting to note all the writer resolutions to write more in 2013. Speaking for myself, welcome to the club. I’ve been writing a novel per year for six years now. You should be focusing on writing and not marketing or social media or whatever the latest make-a-buck scheme is.  At least until you have a dozen books and the “required” million words under your belt. My philosophy is write it, publish it and then start over again. There is no substitute for time in grade.

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