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Building the GCU Sokol, Part 16

Primer and Primping

Much change on the model during the week off for the holidays. Finished the top decks and the main deck above the star drives. Also finished up the top of the gun decks. Then I finally sprayed on the Flat Gull Gray and magically transformed the model from a rainbow of parts to a battleship.

This is the upper decks and the poop deck getting the detail treatment. I really like how the back of the poop deck turned out. Just a few more details were added to it after this picture was taken.

I had to move operations inside as the weather got very, very cold this week.


This view shows the front of the main deck and the top of the gun deck. I also like the front of the mast or communications decks at the top of the model. Turned out pretty nice.

I took the model outside on a sunny day and took some pics of it against an old black sheet. The key light was a bit harsh and thus most of the details are washed out. But they are cool anyway, so there you go. Enjoy them.

Nice view of the bottom details. I wasn’t sure about the non-symmetrical greeblies, but now I really like it.


This view is of the monster coming right off your bow. Can’t wait to paint up this beast and add me some battle damage. Going to look absolutely awesome.


Moving away in this beauty pass. The main stardrive tubes will have panels when I’m done. Another detail I need to add are the port holes.


Coming right at you, guns blazing. Hard to separate the head from the body in this shot. Darn sun light, I need to make me a screen.


I love this shot. Looking pretty menacing.


This is the start of the hangar deck just aft of the poop deck. This will house a squadron of  starfighters and a shuttle craft. I’m building this one up from scratch so as to have the hangar doors open. Not going to put in the starfighters, but still want to make it interesting to look at.

I believe we are all caught up for now. Next post will be the second to last. I’ll have finished the hangar deck and covered the star drive tubes. I’ll save the final post for painting the details.




1 thought on “Building the GCU Sokol, Part 16”

  1. I really like that next to last shot, too.

    I don’t think I really realized the scale of this starship until you had that shot of it against your car. It makes me want to quote a character (I forget who) from an old SF movie (I forget which) who said, “My God! That thing’s huge!” I look forward to seeing it in person when it’s done. If I’m on FTO, I’ll come in to see it if I can!

    Personally, I think the non-symmetry helps make it more realistic. Sure, us humans tend to try to duplicate things on each side, such as guns and stuff, but there’s always something that is going to be different on one side than the other…wire routings, piping, access hatches…the small details like that. Guns, radars, and such offensive/defensive details will tend to be near identical. They are placed, after all, for maximum defense and firepower orientation. Since our ships tend to be designed the same on each side as far as shape goes, what’s most effective on one side will be the same on the other, but even so, there will be some differences on other stuff.

    As for the lighting, I think the harsh light is great on this model. It is, after all, what it would be like in space. The problem is our light from the sun is diffused, in space it wouldn’t be…the details would stand out a little more, the shadows would be starker.

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