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Star Series Omnibus Now Available

Star Series Omnibus Cover

The ebook version of Star Series Omnibus is now available on Kindle, Nook and Kobo. You get all three Star Series novels and three bonus short stories, one never before published; all for the price of two regular ebooks.

Bundling is becoming very popular with ebooks. It’s easy and less expensive than doing the same thing with paper books. The Star Series will eventually be nine books long. Each of these books in the Star Series Omnibus is actually the first book of a trilogy. The next novel that I publish will be the second book in the Starforgers TrilogyThe Rising. That will be followed by Book 3 – Counterattack. At that point I will bundle the Starforgers Trilogy. Ultimately, there will be nine complete ebooks and four bundled ebooks.

Bundling increases your product catalog. I have four Star Series related novels out, one Omnibus and one anthology of related short stories. That’s six ebooks for sale in three major ebook markets, all of them DRM Free. For a writer these days that’s a good start. At this time, virtually nobody has read my work. So having more books available really doesn’t do me much good. But the odds favor that one of those books will eventually tickle the fancy of a Trust Agent and that person or persons will help get the word out and if the crowds start forming, I will have something to sell them.

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