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Starveyors Copy Edits

My latest novel, Starveyors, is now in copy edits. This is where you make sure that the corrections you made for your editor, don’t include more errors. It’s a slow process that I usually do myself. I read the book from the last page to the first page, so I’m not all involved in the story. I’m looking for typos, rogue spaces and things missed when a sentence was rewritten for the editor.

I expect this process to be complete before Thanksgiving. Once completed, I’ll freeze the text and send it to my ebook designer. Hopefully he will get it back to me in epub and mobi formats and then I’ll start uploading it to the various ebook platforms in early December.

We’re redoing the ebook versions of Starforgers, Starstrikers and Starveyors, using the same template for all of them. They should all three look and feel the same. The format will be mirrored in the paperback versions that will become available in the first quarter of 2013.

These three books are actually book one for three different trilogies all set in different time periods of the same universe. So if you read them in order, none of the human characters are the same from book to book. There are 500 years between the first and second book and the second and third book. Confused yet?

There will be a special, omnibus edition that will have all three novels plus a few unpublished short stories set in the same universe. Not sure when that will be available, probably not until after the new year and in ebook only.


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