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Writing Update

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Spent the whole of the last week or two doing a final pass on Starveyors before sending it to the editor. Now I’m diving back into The Rising which will be the second book in the Starforgers trilogy.

I’m on chapter three of The Rising and sitting in the neighborhood of 8,000 words in length. I was afraid that I’d be getting tired of doing this epic 9 book series by now but somehow the opposite is happening. I’m completely stoked to be writing this book in the Starforgers time frame. Small wonder there, considering how much fun I had writing the first book.

Many of the characters in The Rising were in Starforgers, but there are new characters in this book that I think readers will love as much as I already do. The Rising takes place 1-5 years after Starforgers. I haven’t exactly locked it down yet. Probably closer to five. I need some time to have passed so that my main character, Devon Ardel, has some time in grade.

The third book in this trilogy will probably be about ten years after The Rising. The temporary title for that one is Counter Attack. The plan is to go ahead and finish it before taking a break. I would like to see if I can actually write two books in one year’s time. No idea if that’s possible, but its worth a shot.

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