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BSU Black Out

Next Saturday’s BSU Homecoming game is going to be a black out. Uniforms will change from blue to black and all the fans are being asked to wear black. This is a first for Boise State.

The helmets have the new horse head logo and player’s number and are matte black. The jersey’s have blue and orange trim and the numbers are the new age blue and white fade. The shoes are silver and black.

I’ve always been a fan of new and different college uniforms. I think it brings excitement and color to the college football game. I’ve really liked the new horse head unis that BSU has now made their standard model, from the all white away uniforms to the all blue home and all the combinations in between like the gray shirts on the blue this past weekend.

This special Nike made black uniform probably won’t be used much if ever again, but as long as Nike is willing to make cool looking one-off uniforms, I’ll be there to enjoy them as a fan of college football in general and BSU in particular.

You can see the uniforms in full at KTVB‘s website.

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