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Back Cover Art – Starveyors

Source: via Ken on Pinterest


Here are some back cover thumbnails I did for the Starveyors paperback. The first one shows the Silicant, Eighty-eight engaging the Votainion fleet at Selene. I like this, but it might be harder to pull off.

Source: via Ken on Pinterest


A slightly more refined version of the second thumbnail which shows the Alliance Fleet at Voton and perhaps some of the opposing Votainion Fleet. I like this one because it should be easier to pull off. Lots of repeating ship images perhaps flipping the images left and right of center.

My cover artist, Byron, is working on using some pictures of the S. S. Sokol model seen in my blog header for the back cover of Starforgers. These images will go in the star field band that extends around the spine and onto the back cover. That’s why they are rectangular shaped.

The front covers of these books have already been created with the coins. For the paperback versions, these images will be tweaked with an eye on making them more realistic looking and less like computer graphics. I’m not a big fan of CG on book covers, I’d much rather have some original art, but unfortunately there is no room in the budget for the kind of epic paintings I’d like to commission.

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