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We’re working on paperback versions for all three of the Star Trilogy novels to be released early next year. So those of you who have issues with ebooks, you can then buy them in paperback and enjoy them. For those of you who love to have books on your shelf, these paperbacks will be pretty slick.

Each book will be 5 x 8 inches in size and the covers will feature a high quality design that will match each other perfectly. Finally, you’ll be able to see why we designed them the way we did. The interiors will also be formatted similarly and be of the utmost quality. For a sneak peak at just how nice these books will be, you can order the paperback version of Null Pointer by Johnny Batch. Same designer, same build quality, same press.

I’ll be using CreateSpace to print them. This keeps the price down so you can get all three books and enjoy them together. This means that I will have books in stock and ready for signings and local purchases. If you are planning to attend NorWesCon in Seattle next year, I’ll be there with a limited amount of books.

As for the other books in my ebook back list, who knows? If the Star Trilogy books sell well, I’ll consider doing Tyrmia and Tales From Ocherva. So if you want to see them in paperback, buy lots of Star Trilogy books.

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