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Null Pointer at TWiT Studios

My alter-ego, Johnny Batch’s book, Null Pointer was gifted to the Chief TWiT – Leo Laporte this weekend by my good friend Nate McIntyre. Not sure how much cooler my birthday month could have gotten. I mean, a mention in Linux Journal and having Leo get a copy of my programmer Mystery novel is just about unbeatable. Thanks Nate for passing the book on, I hope he enjoys it and passes it on to fellow geeks. You can get Null Pointer on Kindle for just a buck, or get the paperback for under ten dollars.

2 thoughts on “Null Pointer at TWiT Studios”

  1. He put the fez on eventually, I’ve seen his Facebook page. This was taken before the show, when the host was being polite to his audience members. Nate was visiting the area on vacation and decided to stop by and check out TWiT studios. Very cool.

    Oh yes, I now have the power to crown a President, and I intend to wield that power.

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