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Clarence Haugsted, RIP

My father always told me that his interests were a mix of his two favorite uncles, Bill and Clarence Haugsted. From Uncle Bill, he got interested in electronics and Ham Radio and from Clarence, he got his love of airplanes and flying.

It’s not hard to see where my interests have aligned with my dad’s interests. I remember well my uncle Clarence. He always seemed to have a great smile and an easy going attitude to go with his razor sharp mind. I vividly remember visiting his house in Ames and going down to his basement to see the biplane he was building. When I was a teenager, he actually finished the original biplane design and I got to sit in the cockpit and imagine flying it. It’s no wonder that I later learned to fly.

Clarence outlived everyone else in his immediate family. He just this year celebrated his century birthday. What an amazing feat for a man who lived through the greatest technological changes in human history. Radios, motor cars and airplanes were recent inventions when he was born. The Internet, computers and traveling by jet liners were all common when he died. Pretty amazing life and one that won’t likely see as much change in technology again.

Rest in peace Uncle Clarence, I will always remember you.

2 thoughts on “Clarence Haugsted, RIP”

  1. I remember going to car show with you and your dad during high school he could always strike up a conversation with people. I do remember the biplane in the basement and asking you about it “that is would it fly” your response was Hell yes and you be in the cockpit with your dad the day he flew it. Your dad was a unque person. I rememember his witt he always had a humorist way of putting things. I do not know much more to say but I am glad I am your friend and had the experience of knowing your Dad.

  2. Great job Ken, I really appreciate your kind words.
    I have Dads prints (mostly hand drawn) for the biplane, I have made some copies and have thrown them together into a little booklet. I was wondering if you would like a copy?
    Thanks again for the tribute.


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