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Red Onion Slice Earl via Compfight

All of my Star Trilogy books are designed primarily to be entertainment. If you like Space Opera, you’ll find them brimming with space battles, aliens, androids, warriors and political intrigue. They pretty much fire on all the genre cylinders.

But there is another layer to them that may get you thinking about larger issues. Things that we all wonder about when we look up at a star filled evening sky. This is what I like to read. Stories that entertain you and then when you’re done reading them you start to think about them a little more, and draw parallels to life here on earth.

You may start to see things differently or at least question established doctrine. This is a good thing. I don’t set out to write politically inflammatory novels or novels that make you rethink your faith in humanity, but if you take that from a story of mine that has laser guns and aliens, isn’t that kind of cool? I think so.


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