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Latest Plume Creator Even More Awesome

Plume Creator just keeps getting better with each Alpha release. The latest feature is the Preview Last Scene and Preview Next Scene by using pull down handle bars in the main editor. Elegant, intuitive and more useful than the previous button version. The above screenshot shows this feature being used.

More innovation is happening on the Outliner feature. The developer, Cyril, has added a tree view into the spreadsheet for adding chapters and scenes. Difficult to explain, but this is making outlining a novel much easier and intuitive.

And lastly, a feature coming into the build soon is Styles. This is the ability to let you embed things like poetry into your regular manuscript by using a Poetry Style. The lines of the poem are indented and maybe a different font or italics.

Plume Creator has come a long way since I first started using it. To be sure, it still has a spell to go before it can be released out of Beta, but that won’t be too long from now. If you download it and try it out, please tell the developer what you think of it. Feedback from actual writers, using the program as intended, helps weed out the bugs and makes the program even better.

2 thoughts on “Latest Plume Creator Even More Awesome”

  1. Hi,
    I have been using Liquid Story Binder for a while, and it has positives and negatives, so I thought I would try out plume. I like the simplicity of the interface, but when first started the menu was quite screwed up. Perhaps it is because I am using Windows 7. The one thing I didn’t like was the scenes. Perhaps it can be used without them, I do not know. I like to just write chapters. Perhaps I am missing something. I think the export options were very ugly. It needs a better way to export files to say pdf, or ebook, and more control over the layout of the page.

    I do agree that because it is in beta stage that it isn’t complete, but I would need a lot more functions, and much better export functions before I could use this software.

    I will however keep my eye on the development and may even use this in the future, but not in it’s present condition.

    As well as writing I also program in C++. One day when I get time I may develop my own writing software, but at present I am working on a few games.

    I think Plume has made a good start, but needs serious improvement before it can be used for serious application.

    Thomas Williams (aka Asimov)

  2. I’m not one to think that fancy writing tools actually help the writing process. But you sir have convinced me to give this one a go. (Then again maybe I’m biased because nothing was native to Linux before).

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