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Going Traditional for The Rising

Be seeing youOliver Hammond via Compfight

I’ve self-published all of my novels up until now. But for my next novel, I’ll be going the traditional route. At least until it’s abundantly clear that I still suck at writing. If I get through my list of agents and nobody is interested, I’ll release it myself. Unfortunately, this means all five of my current fans will have to wait longer for next year’s novel.

The reason I’m trying Traditional next time is because I haven’t actually tried to submit to agents since Tyrmia. That novel was my third and apparently it was just not good enough. The Rising will be my sixth SF novel, so maybe I’ll have improved by then.

Fear not, you can still read the final ebook in the Star Trilogy – Starveyors, this November. But aside for an odd short story, there won’t be a novel released next fall. That doesn’t mean I won’t be writing though. I’ll finish The Rising and will plunge into XiniX after that. XiniX will take the following year to write. If The Rising has not sold by then, you could get a double batch of novels in 2014.

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