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Scribes Text Editor

Since moving to Ubuntu Linux on my laptop, I have developed an interest in native applications. One of my favorite new text editors is called Scribes. Scribes is more than just another Gnome based text editor. It’s an example of a programmer pushing the boundaries and following his bliss, to make a unique and awesome new take on a simple application.

“Let’s make text editing seamless, empowering and fun. Let’s make ease of use and productivity our foremost priority. Let’s show how simplicity and minimalism inspires good design.”

As this bit from the About page says, Scribes is not your average text editor. It has a mission. Lateef Alabi-Oki is the programmer behind Scribes. He has very particular ideas about what he’s doing and I for one, find that refreshing. You should read his blog if you are a programmer.

Anyway, do give this editor a spin and see if you like it. I use it all the time now and love it.

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