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Starveyors Cover Sneak Peek

I’ve recently received a sneak preview of the new Starveyors cover and I wanted to go ahead and tease you with it. Here are two excerpts of a beta rendition of the cover. It’s not finished and the colors and or the design are all subject to change.

The first shows the text announcing that this is the third book of the Star Trilogy. The thing you will notice about it right off is that the background is a brushed stainless steel. This is in keeping with the architectural theme for all three books. The first book used marble, the second concrete and now we have stainless steel. These backgrounds represent the building materials of a future stellar empire.

What you see above is the center of the coin used for Starveyors. The yellow color will be replaced by gold in the final version. As I’ve shown in the thumbnail on the Starveyors page of this site, the design is a “V” behind an “A” representing the Votainion Empire and the Alliance.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as I reveal more of the new cover.

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