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On Vacation

Things may be a little sparse around here for the next week and a half as I’m on vacation with the family in Tennessee. I’ll probably write a few posts here and there, but mostly I’ll be, you know, not doing anything. I do have internet access, thanks to upgrading my father-in-law’s Windows only wireless router to one that I can access with Linux. Now I can stay connected while I relax. Important in this day and age.

The new laptop made the journey just fine and now that I can get online with it, I’m looking forward to spending some time finishing Starveyors on it. I didn’t use it on the plane, preferring to use the Kindle instead, to read the latest novel from Tobias Buckell –  The Apocalypse Ocean. That really made the time fly. If you haven’t read his Xenowealth SF novels, you need too. Start with Crystal Rain.

I’ll leave you on the back porch, where I will be spending a great deal of time living among the trees while in the Volunteer State.

2 thoughts on “On Vacation”

  1. When writing time is as scarce as it is in my house, a full week and a half of doing nothing cannot be missed. Especially when I’m nearly done with the first draft of Starveyors. The house is big enough to let me get away from people so that I can write. This is a writing vacation for me, when I’m not being social. My time on the porch is somewhat limited due to the repressive southern humidity. But there are plenty of dark, air conditioned rooms with power and comfy chairs.

  2. “Now I can stay connected while I relax. Important in this day and age.”

    Having just come back from 11 days vacation, 9 of those effectively disconnected from the internet, and 10 of those days spent busily doing nothing, I’d debate that statement. Personally, I think it’s as, if not more, important to disconnect completely from time to time, but to each his own.

    Enjoy the view and let your mind wander! If that’s your back porch, that’s a perfect place for writing!

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