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Widescreen Sci-Fi Novel


I’m used to hearing “Widescreen” used to describe huge, block buster movies. You know, like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. But recently I’ve heard it used to describe SF books that have a grand scope. More specifically, I would think, it would be used to describe Epic Fantasy or Space Opera.

I write Widescreen Space Operas. Huge, sprawling epics with heroic leads, lots of subplots and all kinds of starship battles. The kinds of books that if they were movies, would have huge budgets and jaw-dropping special effects. So if that’s something that you’d plop down $2.99 for, then please do. But if you’re looking for a reflective, artistic or deeper meaning of life kind of read, keep looking. While my books are definitely not all explosions and no meaning, they are also not going to win a Pulitzer prize.

Where my Space Opera differ’s from the works of other authors is my stories are not boring. They start with a bang and they keep going. Very few slow spots. My style is fast and modern. But my universe tends to be more grungy than squeaky clean. Think Star Wars or Alien over Star Trek.

So if that’s the kind of Sc-Fi that tickles your fancy, please give one of my books a chance. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.



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