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My Next Novel

Sometimes when you are in the middle of a Work In Progress (WIP) novel, you get inspiration for the next novel. That happened to me this week. After a month long hiatus on my current novel, due to coaching my kids in baseball, I started getting ideas for my next novel.

I continued to write on Starveyors this week, but I listened to the muse on my next novel and wrote down the plot outline for it. The next novel is currently called The Rising. It’s set shortly after the events in Starforgers, Book One of the Star Trilogy and deals with the sentient androids in that story, known as Silicants.

I’m hesitant to say much about The Rising at this time. I spent some time this week working through the plot and defining some of the main characters. I have a really good feeling about the story. Although it’s set in the Star Trilogy universe, it is a stand alone story. My intention was to write it as a novella and release it as an ebook only. But now I’m probably going to keep it under wraps and shop it to agents when it’s ready.

The plan is to start the first draft immediately after I complete the Starveyors first draft. Then iterate with several drafts just like I normally do until finished. Depending on how long it takes me do the first draft, I could be sending out queries early next year.

Normally I’m pretty much a self-publish kind of guy, but sometimes you get an idea that you think might have potential to break out and get sold to the traditional presses. This story is one of those ideas. I’ll definitely be writing more posts about it later, but I won’t be giving many plot details on this one folks.

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