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My Position on Publishing Options

Oldies are Goldies :D Marwa Morgan via Compfight

I’ve been doing the self-publishing thing now for about five years. I got into it purely from a Do-It-Yourself angle and just kind of stayed around. I’m not one of those hot-headed one way or the highway kinds of people for either traditional publishing or self-publishing. I have done and will continue to do both.

I’ve been traditionally published in an anthology and I sometimes send out novel  manuscripts to agents. But I focus mostly on doing things myself right now because it allows me to write what I want to write and find my own way. Not because I hate the gatekeepers or what not. If by chance an agent or publisher ever considers my work then I’ll go that route and do things “traditionally”. That would be awesome too.

But for now, plenty of paying customers have enjoyed my stories and I continue to build an audience with each novel I release. I expect that as my novels get better and as my audience grows, eventually someone will pick me up traditionally. If that does not happen, I won’t be upset because I’m still in the market place and earning enough to continue doing it myself.

I read all the blog posts and Twitter fires that flare up about publishing just to stay in the know. I follow just about everyone under the publishing sun as a result. But I don’t write scathing posts about the business. It’s not a battle I want to fight. I’m just writing, trying to get better and trying to get readers to come along and listen to my particular brand of Space Opera.

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