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Starveyors Update, 23 April 2012

Be seeing you
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Oliver Hammond via Compfight

After taking a few weeks off from the novel, I’m back to writing again as of this weekend. Saturday I read through the last few chapters I had written and then that evening I rewrote a scene that I had lost. I think I’ve broken the bla’s and will now dive back into writing on a regular basis to finish out the first draft.

Writing a novel during my son’s baseball season is always questionable for me. I usually can’t find the time due to losing lunch hours at work in order to get to the fields early enough for games and practices. Exercise also takes a nose dive during this period of time. Being a coach and an umpire just eats away at all my regular writing free time. By the time the kids are in bed, I’m too physically and emotionally spent to do any writing.

Last year though, my most productive writing days were right in the middle of the baseball season. Not this year. This year I have to search for more time anywhere I can find it. My priorities are always going to be with the kids though. I don’t make much money on my novels and they are not my primary income, so I can’t give priority to the writing. The kids on the other hand, will only be this age once. I can be a writer until I die. I can only be this involved in their childhood once.

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