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Mary Robinette Kowal Boise Signing

Mary Robinette Kowal is coming to Boise as part of her moving to Chicago book tour! She’ll be at the Rediscovered Books on 8th Street, Tuesday, the 24th of April. Please come down and meet this rising star of the Sci-Fi and have her sign copies of her books.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to say hi to her that night, as I have a prior commitment to umpire my son’s baseball game. But I’m having her sign my copy of Glamour in Glass for me anyway, including the missing first sentence! Thanks in advance Mary!

You can follow Mary’s travels to Chicago by following her on Twitter and hopefully catch her at a bookstore near you. Here is her travel itinerary.

2 thoughts on “Mary Robinette Kowal Boise Signing”

  1. I actually thought about ditching for that one, but my kid’s coach would bench my kid and that would destroy his whole professional baseball career at age 11. That would of course completely ruin my plans for retiring on his income as a Yankee position player. That would mean that I’d have to work a day job until I’m 90. So, no dice, Mary. LOL ;-)

  2. A baseball game over meeting Mary Robinette Kowal and having her sign a book? Where are your priorities, man. Your kids will eventually leave you and blame you for everything wrong in their life, but you’ll have that book, like, forever. :)

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