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Novel Update

Last week I had another loss of words due to my inability to figure out backing up on cloud drives. The process always makes me mad and it takes me a while to get over it and get back to writing, or in most cases, rewriting. This week I started a short story that I didn’t figure would go anywhere. Turns out it has gone somewhere. So I’m going to finish it and then get back to the novel next week.

What’s the short story about you ask? It’s set on a world not seen yet in the Star Trilogy universe. A backwater jungle planet named Choj’ii. The story is about a Spieron starfighter pilot who’s a little bit too sure of himself and gets a lesson in humility from a Votainion ace. The story is set in the Second Generation, same time frame as Starstrikers. I haven’t written a short in that time period in a long time. Not since “The Renoke“.

Sometimes I take a few weeks off from a novel to do a short or to do no writing. This will only be a short week off as I’ll be at Norwescon 35 this weekend and probably not writing much anyway. I hope to have the short out to beta readers next week.


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