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Season Opener

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Tonight is the season opener for my youngest son’s baseball team. I’m his team’s assistant coach for the third year in a row now. The head coach and I have been on the same team together for two years of non-competitive Rookie league baseball. This will be our first year where the score is kept.

Coach and I spent two hours at a local pizzeria last night sweating over the player positioning and lineup. It was much harder than it looks, when you have to play everyone at least two consecutive innings and then you have to worry about the order of your pitching staff.

At game time tonight we’ll be putting our best team forward and doing our best to ensure  the kids get to show off their skills and hopefully get our first win. The league is pretty well evened out in terms of tallant on each team, so the winners will most likely be determined by the best coached kids and of course lady luck.

It’s going to be a long two month season and just about all of my evenings will be spent at the ball park with either practices or games for both of my boys. My oldest son’s team will use me as an umpire when I’m not coaching a game for the youngest son. My family will be going in different directions for most of that time. It’s fun but after about the first month, you start to wish for the season to be over.

Today though, we can’t wait for all the madness to begin.

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  1. We won, 15-3. Due in no small part to superior pitching and aggressive base running. Hopefully we can improve the hitting and defensive play as the season progresses.

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