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My Norwescon Schedule

This Friday I will be in Seattle for Norwescon 35. I’ll be on a panel that evening and again on Sunday morning for two more. This will be my first Norwescon and my first time on panels as a professional. I’m looking forward to meeting many area writers and fans. If you are attending Norwescon, please say hello.

Here are the panels I will be on.

Friday Night

Changing Star Wars at 7:00 PM Cascade 6

Sunday Morning

Should You Publish an E-Book First? at 10:00 AM Evergreen 1 & 2

New Media DIY: Self-Publishing at 11:00 AM Evergreen 3 & 4



5 thoughts on “My Norwescon Schedule”

  1. I think there might be a photo around of you and I along with all the other soon to be super-famous Boise SF/F authors. I wish you were going too, then I’d know somebody else! ;-)

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