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Back in Scrivener

My current WIP – Starveyors started life in Scrivener and then I broke it out and went manual with it, using FocusWriter. Recently I reformatted my old Macbook with both Linux and Mac OS. I was using the Linux side exclusively and things were okay, except for the touchpad. It became too twitchy to use and I didn’t have time to track down the drivers and tweak things right in the middle of a novel.

So I pushed the novel back into Scrivener on the Mac side and I’m carrying on. I’m still going to be breaking out chapters into separate RTF files for backup purposes, but life will proceed in Scrivener until I finish the first draft. I do love the meta data into an outline feature of Scrivener. Helps me ensure things are on track.

Yesterday I had a new revelation that my actual villain was not who I thought he was. This rarely happens after I have outlined a novel, but it has happened twice with this book. My hero turned out to be not who I thought she was too. Par for the course, I guess.

Anyway, back to the writing.


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