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I Need a Hero

I’ve started writing the first chapter of Starveyors this week. Yesterday I was explaining something to writer Bill Blohm, my sounding board for stories, and I suddenly realized that my hero could not possibly be alive at the time the novel happens.

I did a quick search on the Kindle version of Tyrmia and found multiple references to the fact that the Great War was over. Drat! That means I couldn’t use the daughter of Szeredy, from Tyrmia as my hero in Starveyors. But all was not lost.

I could still use the physical description and character traits of my old hero, but I needed to create a new background for her and I needed a new name. Nothing is set in stone yet but I have a new hero now.  A few more days of mulling over the details and I should be able to get back to the writing.

My new hero is not as artistically pleasing to me, but the changes will help the story and that’s the most important thing. This is the first time I’ve managed to outline and start a novel before realizing something critical, like my hero was not even conceived at the time of the story, was wrong.


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