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November Ebook Sales

Time once again for the full disclosure of my sales numbers. November saw the launch of Starforgers, the first book in the Star Series. I really made only a half-ass attempt to advertise that it was out. No adds, no guest blogging and no sales blitzes. Just a few Twitter announcements and maybe one or two blog and Google+ posts.

Here’s what happened on the three ebook sales channels that had sales. I sold a total of 14 Starforgers, 7 Starstrikers, 1 Tyrmia and 2 Short Stories.

Book Kindle Nook Sony
Starforgers 11 3
Starstrikers 3 3 1
Tales From Ocherva Vol 1 (Anthology) 1
Short Stories (Sold Separately) 2

Nothing very shocking or unusual. I find it interesting that people who purchased one Star Trilogy book also purchased the other one at the same time on Nook. The same could not be said for Kindle sales. I think that’s due to returning Kindle shoppers who have already read Starstrikers.

I sold eleven ebooks in October and roughly doubled that in November. Not bad. I also increased my earnings for many of the books, due to a cover price increase from $2.99 to $4.99. At this point I have no plans to raise or lower ebook prices for the rest of this year or next year. I’ll just ride this price point for a while and see what happens.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the publishing sales numbers. A positive upward trend is always a good sign. The Christmas season should flood the market with eager new eReader owners and ebooks will be a hot commodity. You are fortunate to have some works already available. Good luck.

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