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Galaxy Nexus Blues

My next phone still has no release date. It’s the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung. To make me drool and envious of everyone outside the US who now have this phone, here are some great links to unboxing and pics from Google itself.

Tracy and Matt’s tech blog has a long unboxing where you get to see all aspects of the phone.

Some great color pics and specs from Google itself.

I want this phone not because its a Samsung and not because it is any better than all the other new Android phones. I want it because it’s a Google phone. Pure and simple direct from the company with no silly add-ons from the phone providers.

I’m on Verizon and you couldn’t get a Google phone on that carrier before now. So I want to live with a pure Google phone for the next two years.

Esthetically, I think this phone is better looking than just about any other Android phone, so that doesn’t suck. I’m also really attracted to the size and quality of the display.

I have this sneaky feeling that if I had this phone, I would be less interested in a tablet. At least as far as reading and watching videos goes. It’s no iPad replacement, I’m sure. But just owning it, may make me further eschew the iPad, or any other tablet for that matter. Only time will tell.



2 thoughts on “Galaxy Nexus Blues”

  1. I agree, if I didn’t have it on Verizon, I’d probably get the Galaxy S2. Both are pretty awesome phones. Maybe some day they will all be cross platform, like the iPhone. Look how long that took to happen?

  2. As an AT&T subscriber, this one is off the radar for me. I considered waiting for the Galaxy Note, but Amazon had a penny sale, so I opted for the Galaxy S2 for $0.01. The Galaxy Nexus does look pretty awesome though, and I waited and waited to hear about it. I wish it was like the iPhone is now, and available cross-provider. Oh well. The S2 will be upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich, so I won’t be too far behind the curve. :)

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