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Writing Update

This week I’ve been busy polishing a short story that I will send to Kindling Press for their Uprising Rage Against The Machine anthology. Beta readers have been giving me input and I’ve been trying to make it as perfect as I can before submitting it.

If the story is rejected, it will appear as a digital short on Kindle. So either way, you will get your chance to read it. It’s called Stand Down and it takes place at the beginning of the Silicant Uprising in the Star Trilogy universe. Readers of Starforgers will find it very interesting.

I’ve also been getting things ready to start writing Starveyors, the final book of the Star Trilogy. At this time I’m not sure if I want to write it on the Macbook in Scrivener or just text files. It looks like I won’t be getting a new laptop until the Mac completely dies, so probably just just Scrivener this time. I just hope the Mac doesn’t die until I finish the novel. Because I won’t be replacing it with another Mac.

In other news, I’m helping a friend of mine start up an ebook formatting business. I won’t say much about it now, other than I will be using him from now on and that will let me focus more on writing. I’m excited to tell you all about him and his products when the time is right.

I also just turned in an interview with author Bryan Thomas Schmidt to be included in Ray Gun Revival magazine. You can read Bryan’s debut Space Opera book The Worker Prince, now being syndicated at RGR.


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