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Writing Update

Time for a quick note to say what I’ve been working on lately. I just finished a first draft of a short story intended for a future anthology. If it does not get accepted, I’ll release it via Kindle as per my custom. The story is set in the same time frame as the new novel, Starforgers, and deals with the start of the Silicant Uprising. It’s out to beta readers now for comments and then I hope to wrap it up later this week and send it off.

I’m still working on fleshing out the outline for Starveyors, the final book in the Star Trilogy. I may hold off until January to start writing it though. Considering doing a few more short stories until the end of the year. I have a back-log of short stories that I’d like to try and get written.

Side note; I had forgotten how much of a Pantser I was when writing short stories. I always know what I want to have happen, but many of the details of how I get there are not known until I start writing it. While I love the discovery process, I could never do things that way for a whole novel.

I’ve switched back to the Ubuntu based HP Mini for my writing and composed the afore mentioned short on Bluefish. Then transfered it to LibreOffice Writer for final polish. I may just use LibreOffice Writer for composing short stories in the future. The small size of a short is well suited to an office application.


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