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A Cold Fog

Much of this past week has been spent in a fog induced by a bad cold. I’m still not completely over the stuffed up head but I am finally draining. Not much has been done on the writing and publishing scene.

Oh, except for launching my latest and greatest Space Opera – STARFORGERS!

Yes, you read that correctly. You can now point your Nooks and Kindles to B&N and Amazon and purchase the first book in the Star TrilogyStarforgers. If you go to Amazon, you will even find two of my books priced a couple of bucks less than anywhere else, due to Amazon’s pricing issue. They are only charging $2.99 and .99 for Starstrikers and Tyrmia, respectively. Hopefully this will be resolved in the next day or two. Until then, get them while they are cheap!

I must say, the B&N PubIt! service is much more flexible and quicker responding to publisher changes than Amazon’s KDP. You can find all three novels on the Nook, looking particularly fine in all respects.

I’m still working to get Starforgers on Smashwords. Their draconian formatting is the last think I attempt when I publish a book.

All of my novels will soon be $4.99 as mentioned in a previous post. This is to raise their perceived value on the market place. You can still get my anthology, Tales From Ocherva, Vol 1, for $2.99 and many, many short stories all set in the Starstrikers Universe for under a buck.

Kindle:  Starforgers, Starstrikers, Tyrmia

Nook:  Starforgers, Starstrikers, Tyrmia

Please take a moment to leave a review on both sites after you finish reading one of my novels. Thanks!

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