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Writing Update

This week I finished the copy edits on Starforgers. Now I have to finish the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Why I waited until the last possible moment to write those, is beyond me. For the next one,  Starveyors, I will try and write those before I release the second draft to the Beta Readers.

We’ve also received final versions of the Starforgers and Starstrikers ebook covers. Now we label them as a Book One and Book Two of the Star Trilogy. I’ve been updating the images on this website this week. I think I’ve gotten them all. Bye-the-way, if you ever download and use these cover images for your own promotion of the books, I will love you forever. They are open for use by all.

I will next be transferring the text of Starforgers into the ebook creation program Sigil and adapting it to my CSS. I’m still aiming for a November release of both ebooks.

One last thing… if you want an ebook copy of Starforgers for review, please send me an email and ask for it. It’s free to anyone who is willing to review it in any medium; podcast, blog, magazine.

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