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Starforgers Update

A couple of things new this week on Starforgers, my latest novel. First of all, we’re still shooting for a first of November release time for the ebook. The paperback version might not ship till January time frame. Not sure we can get both Starforgers and Starstrikers to print before then. But we’ll see.

Secondly, we have the latest version of the cover art from Byron. Here it is. He’s changed the marble to a more regal, blueish tinted background; added the trilogy subtitle and moved the title up a bit. We’re still tweaking the coin, but the gold now matches the Starstrikers coin. What you see here is pretty much what it will be when we ship it. (Click on the link to go to a larger version in Google land)

Lastly, I just got the edits back from Angie for Starforgers and today I start making the corrections to the manuscript. I’m importing the changes directly into Scrivener, so I have them as a Scrivener project as well as in a Word file. Early indications are the I’ve abused POV and Head Hopping to a new level. Bow before me. Okay, get up. I was joking.

My near term goal is to get through the edits in two weeks and then hand the finished manuscript over to someone else to proof it. You just need to have another set of fresh eyes on the materiel to copy edit. Hopefully that person can get through it before the end of October. Then we can knock out the ebook and get it out there on the Nook and Kindle.

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