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Writing Status Report

Not much in the way of WIP writing has been happening around these parts. I had website issues last week but those are now resolved. I’ve also tried a new theme that is more science-fictional. A new banner image is in the works, featuring some of the art that Byron and Jeremy have created for the Starstrikers Series over the past few years.

I should be getting back the Starforgers manuscript from my editor in the next few days and that will dominate my attentions until those edits are made. Then I have to get someone else to copy edit it. We’re still aiming for a late October release of the ebook. A new cover for Starstrikers and a new ebook version will launch at the same time.

Paperback versions of both Starforgers and Starstrikers will hopefully be available before Christmas. We’re aiming for a November release date on them. They will be a matched set and probably sell for just under ten dollars US.

For those of you following me on Google+ for the first time, welcome and please continue to come back to this site for more in-depth posts. I use Twitter for short chats with others and brief comments on things. I try and use Google+ for slightly longer comments or to ask questions. When I have something lengthy to say, I’ll say it here on the blog. You can add this site to your blog feeder to stay informed on my posts. But I’m sure everyone reading this already understands such internet basics.


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