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Free Short Stories

I’m going to be releasing a couple of short stories for free on this blog in the coming weeks to try and drum up interest in my next Space Opera – Starforgers. Both of these shorts are small, intimate character study pieces that have little chance of being accepted by any magazine. But they feature characters in the new novel and offer a unique look into the lives the characters lead outside the events or I should say, leading up to the events in the novel. You won’t be able to get them anywhere but here. They won’t be included in the novel or an anthology.

If you have not read the Tales From Ocherva Volume One anthology yet, you might want to pick it up now and read through it. Most of the stories in that anthology are set in the same time period as Starforgers and many of them feature characters who are also the new novel.

Starforgers is Book One in the Star Trilogy, with Starstrikers being Book Two. If you enjoyed Starstrikers you will really have a good time reading Starforgers. I hope you will come back and read the new shorts when I post them.

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