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Sokol Model Update

We had some cooler weather this weekend and I had some spare moments in the garage, so I knocked out the frame of the main superstructure. I used super thick sheet plastic from my local hobby shop for the frame. I had to use my new hobby grinder to hollow out the hole for the central tube. The grinder was purchased just for that job and about a hundred other jobs, now that we have it.

This view shows the massive starship on my workbench. It’s big I say, BIG. Those movie slates on the wall are from a my previous life as an assistant cameraman.

This is a closer shot of the new superstructure box. More bracing and such to follow. I’m not too concerned about overhangs and stuff, because this will all get covered by more, thinner pieces of plastic as the build continues. This is all roughing out the basic hull shape. Oddly enough, this is pretty much the exact same thing we used to do with poster board when I was a kid. Some things never change.

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