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Smart Phone Upgrade Time

I have the original Droid by Motorola. Verizon has blessed me to upgrade at anytime on contract. My phone cannot handle another OS upgrade and it’s been dropped badly enough to have some pixels missing. Other than that, it now works pretty good. But the lure of new smart phones are getting harder to ignore lately.

I don’t follow tech news about phones as closely as I do computers. So I’ve had to rely on others who are more expert than I to stay in the loop. One of my go-to guys for great mobile news and advice is Josh Smith at Here’s his latest review of the Droid Bionic.

There are many new and exciting phones coming out in the next few months. So I’m not going to jump at the first offering. I’ll hold out long enough to see the iPhone 5 and the Nexus Prime – Google’s flagship phone with Ice cream Sandwich. I doubt that I will cross over to Apple, no matter how slender and sexy their new phone is. I’m pretty much confined to the Android ecosystem. I don’t use iTunes or iBooks or iAnything. I’m firmly in the grip of Google and Amazon. So that means I could be easily be swayed by a sexy new Samsung phone.

Even if I were to go with a Bionic, and there is one good reason to do that: Google bought Motorola. So hopefully OS upgrades will be pushed to their phones faster, Verizon willing. Also, I expect to see a Bionic price drop in the next month to keep things interesting.


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