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Our New Car

I’m posing with it, because I’ll be driving it the most. A Honda Civic. Smoke filled skies behind me from a nearby forest fire. Photo by Spencer McConnell, age 8.

2 thoughts on “Our New Car”

  1. Thanks Steve. We traded in my wife’s first car, a 1991 Accord coupe for this new Civic. I loved that old car. Cars have come so far these days, I kinda feel like I’m in Blade Runner with all the computer stuff inside. Looking forward to keeping this one for a good long time too.

  2. Enjoy the Civic. I love mine (even with the now dented hood – slow-speed deer, and ripped dash – transporting wood). Put 155k miles on her in 6 years and she still runs great. Did I mention the 40mpg during the summer? Love that car.

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