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Writing Tidbits 31 Aug 2011


Sending off the Starforgers manuscript to my editor today. Until I get it back, I’ll be working on the outline for Starveyors. Also doing a bunch of research reading for that next WIP. I’m also going to try and use Scrivener again for Starveyors. I like how that program lets you keep all your notes handy when writing. The author IDE concept is pretty cool.


First Thursday signing this week. I’ll be at Rediscovered Books for September’s First Thursday celebration in downtown Boise. Come by and get your paperback edition of my Mystery novel, Null Pointer signed, and chat me up for a while. I’ll be signing as my pen name, Johnny Batch. Not doing a reading, just signing books and mingling with readers. If you don’t have the latest version of Null Pointer, now is your chance to pick it up and get it signed!


Social Media thoughts. I’ve been using Twitter for years now. I was apparently an early adopter. I don’t have millions of followers, in fact I follow way more than follow me back. But I do enjoy the informality and spontaneity of Twitter. Especially in how it lets you talk to people outside of your regular circle of friends. But I don’t like how stupid it makes me look when I miss spell something and then have to suffer the inevitable corrections of people who never make such mistakes. Would it be too much to ask for Twitter to have an after the post editing feature like G+?

Speaking of G+, I really like it. If you follow me on G+ you will get longer insights into what I’m writing or thinking about than I can give on Twitter. I don’t see many readers on G+, mostly writers and tech people. I’m still looking for a decent way to connect to readers online that is not the horrific mess called Facebook. I’m all but off that one again.

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