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Football Tidbits


Yesterday we learned what BSU’s new Nike Combat Uniforms will look like for the season opener against Georgia. All white with a touch of orange and the wrong color of blue. Overall, they don’t look bad and they will contrast nicely with the all-red Bulldogs uniforms. Really can’t wait for this season to start. Going to be fun. I’m calling for the BSU band to play the Imperial March when BSU comes onto the field for that game. How best to honor the Stormtroopers from Boise? (I’m well aware of the Empire-like dominance of the program when it comes to winning seasons.)


BSU is suing some High School for calling their new blue field, Blue Turf. Really? BSU should be happy to welcome any color of field to their ranks. Considering the amount of crap we have taken for the Smurf Turf, we should be happy to have copycats and wanna-be’s out there. The more the better for the cause. I think when the current player fashion show ends, we might see an era of colored fields at more colleges and High Schools. It’s good for football. Bye-the-way, the HS field is gorgeous.


My son’s first football game is tomorrow morning. The team looked real sharp in practice last night. We’re hoping to go better than just the two wins of last season. Today, he’s wearing his team jersey to school at the coach’s suggestion. Yeah, he’s in fifth grade, says the geek father whose son is a jock.


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