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Book Titles Change

I’ve decided to change the spelling of the third Star Trilogy book from Starveyers to Starveyors. Everyone wants it to be like Surveyors and that word is the root word that inspired the name, so going with the “o” instead of the “e”. I’ve updated the pages on this blog, but don’t have the time to update all the posts that mention the name. So from here on out, the name will be Starveyors.

I’ve also changed the name of the immediate sequel to Starforgers, from The Uprising to The Rising. No reason. Certainly not because I’m a Springsteen fan or anything. That book will be about the birth of the Silicant uprising and the birth of the Alliance. Both of those subjects are set up like bowling pins in Starforgers, but will have to be knocked over in The Rising. Unfortunately for most readers, I won’t be able to write The Rising until 2013.

Next month I will begin outlining Starveyors while Starforgers is in the hands of my editor. My goal is to start writing Starveyors this October, the same month that Starforgers launches. This post has just won the contest for the most mentions of my own book titles, ever.


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