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Androids are Forever

In Starforgers, readers will be introduced to the android characters that populated the Starstrikers Universe before the Great War. There are three series of android models: Series Three, Series Six and Series Nine. The Series Three androids are humanoid in shape and are mechanical devices with software brains. They are servants to humans and other sentient beings. The Series Six androids are the first series that have attained consciousnesses through a hardware upgrade. The Series Six is also the last to be manufactured by humans. The Series Nine androids are pure Silicants and they are designed and built on XiniX, the Silicant world. Details of what the Series Nine androids are capable of will be revealed next fall with the release of Starveyers, the final Star Trilogy novel.

Suffice it to say, the Series Nine androids will be completely different. They will be silicone-based life forms. Designed and built entirely by their own kind. I will say no more. Except that unless a Silicant is completely destroyed, it can pretty much live forever. Which is to say, you may be seeing some familiar Silicants again in Starveyers.


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