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Another Spaceship Model Takes Shape

The three books in my SF trilogy are set before, during and after a millennial war between two galactic civilizations. I recently built the first true military starship of that war for the good guys, the Federation/Alliance. It was named the SS Sokol and it was constructed entirely of plastic at 21 inches in length.

My next modeling project will be to build the Second Generation of starship from the same class – the Sokol 2 or GCS Sokol. This starship is one of the largest fleet vessels built during the peak of the war. It is nearly twice as long as the original Sokol and equipped with far more guns and larger engines.

The third and final version of the Sokol is a peaceful exploration starship and not a weapon of war. It will be about midway between these two ships in size. The idea is to mount all three models on the same oval shaped wooden base and install name tags in brass under each one. It should be a pretty impressive display when done. The display will probably travel with me on book signings and will live at the local hobby store.



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