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Spaceship Model Update and More

I’ve had a relaxing holiday weekend not writing. Did I just say I wasn’t writing? Well, not a first draft anyway, but I have been working on the backend of the next novel. The world building and character defining that goes on before you can outline a Sci-Fi novel. I have written several chapters and even put together a spiral notebook filled with drawings and writings about the universe in the time of Starveyers, the final Star Trilogy book. Unfortunately most of that is not usable anymore, so I’ve had to sift through it all and do a bunch of thinking and scheming. I hope the end result will be an exciting end to the trilogy.

I’ve also been working on the S.S. Sokol model. This is one of my favorite parts of modeling – detailing, especially scratch building SF models. Lots of sheet styrene and plastic model parts. My normally deep boxes of plastic model bits is now a shallow two boxes a Japanese tank and an F-16. So I’ve had to dig around the house and find some interesting pieces. Here are some pics of how the model looks now. Getting closer to the painting stage. The ship is white overall, but I’ll be detailing with shades of white and gray. Should be a pretty ship when she’s finished.



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