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Pressing on

I now find myself using the down time after finishing the Starforgers draft, to plot, plan and pontificate the Starstrikers Universe as it will exist in the final book of the Star trilogy. This is never an easy task. Each book in this trilogy takes place in a different time period. Not just a few lifetimes, but half a millennium. So the societies, the technology and the people themselves are completely different.

Right now, it all seems kinda overwhelming. So progress is slow. I also have about 12,000 words that I wrote for Starveyers a decade ago to wade through and see if any ideas are worth salvaging. I can’t really talk about all the things coming up, as that will spoil the surprise. But rest assured, this trilogy will define the universe that I have created in novels and short stories. So the more of my stories you read, the more detailed a picture you get of that universe. That’s the hope anyway.

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