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The Quiet Revolt

What if the great Android Revolt that Sci-Fi authors have always wrote about was not a bloody, doomsday event at all. What if they just didn’t want to do our laundry anymore and they all decided to leave? Would the economic distress created by such a walk out, do more damage to human society than picking up guns to mow us all down? What if they agreed to leave in stages? What if we let them go, because we were preoccupied with a war that completely consumed our resources. Would we miss them? Would they ever come back? Would they miss us, their creators?

This is the big idea behind a novella that I will write that takes place just after the start of The Great War in Starforgers. But don’t hold your breath for it. I have to write Starveyers first. The novella is tentatively titled – The Uprising. But when Starforgers comes out this fall, you will be introduced to some key players in The Uprising.

I’m thinking about The Uprising as I write the final chapter of Starforgers. I have to, because the stories are so closely related.

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